Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace, hmmmm!

Bobby Flay Burger Palace

As you know we are continuously searching for the Best of Long Island Food. After eating a juicy and delicious burger creation at  Bobby Flays Burger Palace I believe the search of best burger could be called off!  Located in Suffolk at 355 Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove, N.Y. 11755 (631)382-9590.  The food at this fast food gourmet establishment will satisfy your burger cravings with a thick mouth watering burger patty that is then enhanced with complementary toppings that, when mesh together  bring out unthinkable flavor creations.  Sides offered include an appetizing order of french fries (my husbands favorite), sweet potato fries (my favorite and the healthy route), and/or onion rings.

Cactus Pear Margarita

Watching Bobby on TV you can’t help but wonder does the food taste good, is the drink that he just put  together really that good?  YES, YES, YES.  We ordered the Frozen Cactus Pear Margarita and fell in love with the presentation and taste, wouldn’t expect anything less.  We also ordered a Vanilla Bean Milkshake, OMG.  Real ice-cream, not some processed crap that everyone else offers.

For two people you could easily spend $30.00, a little high for just a burger, but that’s just it is not your ordinary burger joint. Set in a trendy atmosphere with a staff that attends to your needs and maintains good cleanliness my overall experiences have been wonderful.  Now for the ratings:

FOOD:                                  9 out of 10
SERVICE:                            8 out of 10
ATMOSPHERE:                 8 out of 10
PRICE:                                 8 out of 10
CLEANLINESS:                 8 out of 10

Great deals at Applebee’s Restaurants

picture-8 With the way today’s economy is going, one needs to be a little wiser with the way we spend.  Yet, going out keeps us sane, we need to socialize and catch up with what’s happening in our lives.  To help promote this situation Applebee’s restaurants are offering great deals to take advantage of.

It’s called the 2 for $20.00 deal. This is how it works.  You can choose one appetizer from the four options given: Mozzarella Sticks, Crunchy Onion Rings, Boneless Buffalo Wings (our personal favorite), and Spinach & Artichoke Dip.  Then once that’s selected you choose two entrees from the twelve options.  Whether your watching your diet or are a man eating man, you can find something that will suit your appetite.  The entrees include: Fire pit bacon burger, A.1. Steakhouse burger, quesadilla burger, 7oz. house sirloin, crispy shrimp, bacon cheeseburger, oriental chicken salad, riblet basket, fiesta lime chicken, three-cheese chicken penne, grilled chicken caesar salad, or chicken tenders basket.  What a great selection everyone can enjoy: from burgers, to seafood, to salads, to chicken, to pasta your bound to find something.

Beside this great offer, they also have great lunch deals Monday-Fridays till 3pm.  Another great deal is there 2 for 1 drinks during happy hour and after 10pm, plus after 10pm halve price appetizers.

So get out there and take advantage of these great savings without feeling guilty.


Food Network Chef Bobby Flay Makes Burgers On Long Island

flay_burgerFood Network chef Bobby Flay expands his Burger Palace locations to include restaurants in Paramus, New Jersey, Eaton, New Jersey  and a 4th new restaurant at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut scheduled for July of 2009.

Long Islands ow Smith Haven Mall was the Bobby’s starting point for this restaurant. I hope to get out their soon to try it. I have been a big fan of Bobby Flay’s and pray that the food doesn’t disappoint. The menu on their website boasts some mouth watering choices.

Long Island has some pretty tough competition for Best Burgers including Five  Guys Burgers and Fries and All American.

Saint Honore Pastry Shop – Port Washington’s Best Pastries & Desserts

Saint Honore Pastry Shop

993 Port Washington Blvd
Port Washington, New York 11050
(516) 767-2555


The value of a neighborhoods real estate can be determined by its bakeries. Saint Honore on Port Washington Blvd. in my new favorite Long Island Bakery. Ive have enjoyed more mousse then Sarah Palin from many bakeries on Long Island and can tell you that no matter what part of Long Island you live on, its worth taking a drive to Port Washington to delight in everything that St. Honore has to offer. From fresh baked breads, to delicate and delicous patries, to fancy cakes with enough fondant to film and episode of Ace of Cakes.

While Saint Honore’s nearest competition Baked to Perfection is a worthy opponent and creates there own decadent treats, there service and style need an update. Saint Honore delivers the goods and goes above and beyond with friendly service and help descriving the goods it sells. My biggest disapointment at Saint Honore is that they dont take credit or debit cards. I am finding one of the common themes among good eating establishments is they often play by there rules. For the most part that means CASH ONLY. It is a shame two because you could easily max out your credit card feeding a crave in your sweet tooth. There is an ATM acrosss the street and another in a nearby drug store if you have to take some cash out. the shop can also be a bit busy during the holiday times. Plan ahead. Avoid the line.


Best BBQ In NY Could Be Daisy May’s

Daisy MaysDaisy Mays has been on my list of eats to try since I walked by their 11th Ave. restaurant about year ago. I was walking down 11th Ave. and was smacked in the face by the smoking smell of BBQ about three blocks away.

Today I got a chance to stop in a see what all the buzz is about. I walked in the corner located restaurant front and made my way over to the counter. When you walk in you are hypnotized by the smell of smoking slow cooked pork.

A friendly and warm welcoming man with a white outfit and white hat stood behind the counter and waited to help me. I took a minute to go over the menu and try to make some last minute decisions on what i wanted to feast on. With things like Ribs, Chicken, ,Beans, Greens, Macaroni and Cheese all on the menu is was tough narrowing it down. With the smell of sweet roasting pork in the air I couldn’t wait any longer. A Pulled Pork sandwich with a side of beans and macaroni and cheese were ordered up. The persistent and some what funny guy taking my order also almost insisted that I get something to drink with my meal. Jokingly he mentioned that he didnt want me to choke on my food. The drink options were pretty endless from, canned soda, to sweet tea’s and beer. All great compliments to the menu.

With in 2 to 3 minutes our food was served up and we walked around to the sitting area. This is just like high school. Your food comes on a tray, you find a seat with some one you know, in this case my wife and you eat. The room itself is pretty consistent wit the BBQ food theme. Tons of wood paneling a few pictures and my favorite, an old faded Iron Chef poster.

Daisy MaysThe food. Man.  The food. You know your food is good when you have to walk back to the counter you got it from and let them know. The pulled pork sandwich was smokey and rich with BBQ flavor. It was also not sauced. This is a big point because most other BBQ joints serve pulled pork soaked in BBQ sauce. When you taste pulled pork at many other places your tasting bbq sauce not the pork. Daisy May’s servers their pulled pork sand which up with out the sauce all over the place. All the flavor is in the meat. The sandwich also stayed together excellent on the bun. This is another rarity when it comes to pulled pork. Nothing dripped off the side or on my shirt. Alot of care was put into this sandwich. From the more then 8 hours the meat cooked slowly to the soft bread and final construction. Chef Adam Lang has a true passion for the details that are so often over looked. Even the meat it self tasted like it was combed through with a fine tooth comb. All the chunky little pieces of fat that you usually get  pulled pork in sandwiches and tacos was removed before it hit the bun. Its either that or it just disappeared in he 8 hour+ cooking process. Either way eating it was care free. Its the small details like this that separate this from the rest.  To say this mouth watering pulled pork BBQ sandwich occupied my thoughts for the rest of the day would not be an understatement.

If your in this area. You owe it to your self to stop in and get some smoked pig.   This is was BBqs about.


Salvatore’s Pizza Is On Fire

Salvatore PizzaThere is Pizza, and there is Pizza. Salvatores Coal Oven Pizzeria in Port Washington offers up fresh, I mean fresh Brick oven roasted pizza. This is not that stuff served up by a guy named sal with sauce that comes from a bucket and low moisture skim milk mozzerella.

In a strip of stores on Shore Road in Port Washington there is a Brick Oven filled with Charcoal waiting to serve you lunch.  I ordered a Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil individual pizza, that sized in at about 10″. ($6.25) I shared it with another person and it was more filling then I had expected. It was so good though I do wish I had had more. My pizza was made to order. The dough was pounded out fresh, and the 3 ingredients added. Then placed into the Brick oven to be fired and baked. About 5 minutes later my pizza came out, hot and ready with a few crusty burnt spots. Simplicity is one of the most common elements in all good food. One of the essentials of god cooking (and eating) are excellent fresh ingredients. This pizza was packed with fresh flavor. The smell of Basil creeped from the sides of the box as I went to open it and fresh crushed tomatoes sat on top of thin layers of fresh mozzarella cheese. In these few simple ingredients you can taste so much. The brick oven also adds its own signature flavor. You almost feel the smoke of the flaming oven in the crust.

Pizza On Long Island

This is high quality food. One of the best pizza I think i have ever had. Its the kind of pizza that reminds you how bad your local pizza place is.This is some of the best pizza this side of Long Island has to offer.

A few things worth mentioning. Credit, Forget it. This is a cash only establishment. There are also no slices sitting around. You get a fresh pie made for you or you suffer with your local low moisture pizza place around the corner. There are tabling for dining and other pasta dishes and the like aswell, but go and taste the pizza first.

Salvatores Pizzeria
124 Shore Road
Port Washington, NY 11050

Baked To Perfection

Three Layer Chocolate MousseBaked To Perfection is a small Bakery, cookie and pastry shop in the Port Washington area on north shore of Long Island. This main street shop is tucked amongst a chain of strip stores walking distance from the Train Station. They have a fresh assortment of breads, cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other usual pastries. I scanned the glass counter looking for my favorites. When i spotted a chocolate mousse there was no turning back. I asked a the young lady at the counter for more details and was answered quickly in a tone that was not rude but not exactly welcoming. Unlike Buttercooky which we visited about two weeks ago, there is no seating. Here you buy something delicious and you take it to go. I could also see alot of people grabbing something sweet for breakfast before a ride on the train or on the way home after a long day in the city. 

The taste of this little chocolate mousse was delicate and light. The three separate layers of chocolate fill your mouth with a pleasure that makes any adult ready to skip dinner. The Buttercooky mousse I had tried was also good but a bit overwhelmingly sweet at times. The star of chocolate mousse should always be chocolate. There is an exceptional balance between the different types of chocolate flavor in each layer. Each of the three layers melts in your mouth as you taste them individually and only get better as they combine in trio.

I would stop in to try some of the other delights offered if I was in the area or walking around Port Washington on a nice spring or summer day. The customer experience and over all vibe of the bakery need to be brought up to date to match the sensual taste of their mouth watering chocolate mousse, if it hadn’t been suggested by some one I would have walked right by.

Price: $3-4

Baked To Perfection
91 Main St 
Port Washington, New York, 11050 
(516) 944-5642

Hamptons Restaurant Week March 29th – April 5th

Restaurant Week comes to Long Island’s East End.

From Sunday to Sunday, all participating restaurants
offer a three course prix fixe for $24.95 all night
(except Saturday when it will only be offered until 7 PM)

With over 40 participating business this is great chance to try out some of the east ends best sites for food and wine lovers.

For more information and a list of participating restaurants visit the official website.

Buttercooky – Italian Pastries In Long Island

ButtercookyButter cooky is a small pastry shop located on 140 Plandome road, Manhaset, NY.  Although its small it has enough space to display every pastry, cake or bread you could possibly want along with areas of seating to relax and enjoy them with a cup of coffee or expresso. There is lotos of dark wood work, mirrors and brass work. For many reasons it has similar but smaller feel to Ferraro’s in little italy. Butter Coooky is much more local and more quaint. That pastries are delicious and sweet. I Sat down with an expresso , black and white mouse, cappuccino mouse,  and one big glass of water, Everything was delicious. I like the cappuccino mouse slightly better then the black and white mouse, The black and white mouse tasted very sweet and mabe like it as missing something to balance the sweetness out, Good but very sweet.

Have you eaten here? Let us know leave a comment below.

Buttercooky is located at:

140 Plandome Road
MAnhasset, NY11030


And Also

217 Jericho Turnpike
Floral PArk, NY 11001

More information coming soon. HAve you eaten here, Love em hate em? Leave a comment,

Five Guys Burgers And Fries, Best Of Long Island? Maybe

Burgers, Burgers, Burgers.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is a hamburger joint located in the Kohl’s Shopping Center in Levittown. After reading an article in the Long Island Press about the “Best Of Long Island” in the Long Island Press it was time to give this place a try. Five Guys Burgers and Fries was voted best burger by the Long Island Press and I must admit I was skeptical of the Long Island Press’s award. That was before I had one of there burgers. 

Stopping in for lunch on a monday afternoon at about 4:00 pm things were quite. The menu is straight and to the point. Burgers the way you want them done right. Being my first time there it was taking me a little more time to order to the guy at the counter asked If i needed help and the went ahead and explained the different options.  Hamburgers, Cheese Burgers and Bacon Cheese Burgers are served 2 patties high and come with a wide choice of toppings free. For a little less meat and a slight bit less of a hit in the wallet you have the option of getting your hamburger or cheese burger “little”. “Little” just means one meat patti instead of two. I ordered a little cheese burger with A1 Sauce,  a regular size cajun fries and a soft drink and a hot dog with cheese. After I paid I was given a number and told it would be about 5-8 minutes for my order to be ready. Each customers food is cooked to order.  The nice guy at the counter then told me that I can help my self to Free Peanuts.  This sounded a little strange to me at first because i never associated peanuts with hamburgers, and i didn’t expect them to be free. I scooped up a bunch of unshelled unsalted peanuts, filled up my cup with root beer and sat down at one of the many tables.

Sitting down and munching on peanuts i couldn’t help but notice the insane amount of reviews from different places all over the country. Five Guys burgers and Fries is new to the Long Island area but has been wining rave reviews around the country in other locations for years. There is also a striking similarity to Checkers. Im not sure who came first but this is not a Checkers. 

About 5 minutes in to my peanut shelling frenzy the guy at the counter called my number and gave me a thumbs up that it was ready. This is what I was waiting for. 

Wrapped in foil and in a brown bag. I opened up my burger and took a bite. For once the hype is right. This is a damn good burger. The burger was fresh, juicy and tasted like a burger should. It was over seasoned or salted to hide the taste of fillers or over cooking. It was just good ingredients coked right. The bun was nice and soft and you could taste the mastery and timing of the cook on the grill. I finished mine in about 4 minutes and have been thinking about it ever since. The cajun style fries were also good but not as memorable as the burger. The portion of fries is also pretty hefty. The regular size that at $2.49  was enough for 2 – 3 people easy especially when you have enough free peanuts around  to train a circus elephant. The cheese dog I got was cut down the middle and filled with what tasted like american cheese. It was good but a little salty and the taste of the hot dog was strangely similar to the hot dog at Checkers.

Two root beers and who knows how many calories later it was time to move on. The service was great and big part of the experience. When the people who work some place are enthusiastic about their products it shows. I dont know If I would label Five Guys Burgers and Fries  the Best Burger On Long Island yet but it is definitely a extremely strong contender and right now they are the burger to beat. The quality,taste and service  have made this a regular on the lunch list.