Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace, hmmmm!

Bobby Flay Burger Palace

As you know we are continuously searching for the Best of Long Island Food. After eating a juicy and delicious burger creation at  Bobby Flays Burger Palace I believe the search of best burger could be called off!  Located in Suffolk at 355 Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove, N.Y. 11755 (631)382-9590.  The food at this fast food gourmet establishment will satisfy your burger cravings with a thick mouth watering burger patty that is then enhanced with complementary toppings that, when mesh together  bring out unthinkable flavor creations.  Sides offered include an appetizing order of french fries (my husbands favorite), sweet potato fries (my favorite and the healthy route), and/or onion rings.

Cactus Pear Margarita

Watching Bobby on TV you can’t help but wonder does the food taste good, is the drink that he just put  together really that good?  YES, YES, YES.  We ordered the Frozen Cactus Pear Margarita and fell in love with the presentation and taste, wouldn’t expect anything less.  We also ordered a Vanilla Bean Milkshake, OMG.  Real ice-cream, not some processed crap that everyone else offers.

For two people you could easily spend $30.00, a little high for just a burger, but that’s just it is not your ordinary burger joint. Set in a trendy atmosphere with a staff that attends to your needs and maintains good cleanliness my overall experiences have been wonderful.  Now for the ratings:

FOOD:                                  9 out of 10
SERVICE:                            8 out of 10
ATMOSPHERE:                 8 out of 10
PRICE:                                 8 out of 10
CLEANLINESS:                 8 out of 10

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I'm no chef by any means, but I truly enjoy eating great things and trying to make them myself. Love venturing to new destinations, checking out the ambience, the overall design and layout of a restaurant and tasting what they have to offer. I love the way FOOD brings people together, we can't survive without and yet always need to find a healthier route. Good Eats, Cheesy Girl

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