Summer Fun On Fire Island Robert Moses State Park

Long Island is filled with beautiful beaches and long summer walks in the sand. Jones Beach is Long Island’s most popular beach but Fire island is equally as nice and not as crowed with tourists. The view of the light house from all angles of the beach is breath taking especially when there is a nice. breeze.

You can also take a tour of the Fire Island Light House and walk to the top. The view is breath taking, the volunteer staff is very friendly. They often have events and crafts for families and children on the weekends.

The Fire Island Light House
The Fire Island Light House

Fire Island Light House

The weather is getting warm and its time to visit all the beautiful beaches on the edges of the north and south shores. Fire Island Light House

This past weekend was the first day Long Island has seen the warm 80 degree weather in months. What better way to celebrate then to explore the Fire Island Sea Shore.


Parking was only $6 per car and walking tour to the top of the light house was $6 per person. The view from the top is well worth the cost of admission. The volunteer staff is also very friendly and knowledgeable.

The park is open until sundown.  I didnt get to stay that day for the sunset but i plan on going back very soon to take some more pictures. The ocean on the south shor of the island if full of the usual crashing Atlantic Ocean waves but cleaner and slightly more soothing the over crowded sandy retail space Jones beach can be on a busy day.
One word of caution. There are signs in the sand that mark a “Traditional Nude Beach”  People enjoying there freedom did seem to be discrete. Its definitely not for kite flying with the kids though.