Martha Clara Vineyards March 2010!

Friday March 26, 2010 7pm

Flashlight Egg Hunt

EVERY EGG’S A WINNER! Discounts from local businesses in Riverhead & Mattituck

Bring a Flashlight

Sunday March 28, 2010

Wild Women on Wine!

Winter Luau 1-4pm

For more information visit Martha Clara

Swim Wear Fashion Show, Food w/ the Pros,  Jewelry,
Make Up Artist, Fitness Demos,  Tarot Readings,
Handmade Purses, Shopping!
$20 per person+tax / $15 for wine club members+tax
$25 pp +tax at the door

Start drinking and tasting wine.

Well I’m new to the world of wine and I’m always looking to learn and share my wine experiences with other people as well. I’ve been tasting and drinking wines for almost a year now and here are some of my favorites. Note: $50 a bottle wine experts can go else where. This page is for us who are just starting out and like to drink wine more than we like to pay for it…

Jacobs Creek – Shiraz (Australia)
Davinci – Chianti (Italy)
Yellowtail – Shiraz (Australia)
Beringer Pinot Grigio – (California) Cheap and good for cooking.

Many Wine stores offer tastings. Dont be afraid to go. All wine is not created eqaul. The more you try the more you will see how much they are different from type to type and estate.